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第 1 筆 Down in the jungle CD ;illustrated by Elisa Squillace.--SWINDON.--Child's Play.--[民94?]
第 2 筆 Ten fat sausages CD/illustrated by Eike Zinsmeister.--Swindon.--Child's Play.--2005
第 3 筆 Here we go round the mulberry bush CD/Sophie Fatus & Fred Penner.--Cambridge, MA.--Barefoot Books.--2007
第 4 筆 The animal boogie CD/Debbie Harter.--Cambridge, Mass..--Barefoot Books.--2005
第 5 筆 A dragon on the doorstep CD/written by Stella Blackstone ;illustratedby Debbie Harter.--Cambridge, MA.--Barefoot Books.--2006
第 6 筆 Creepy crawly calypso CD/written by Tony Langham ;illustrated by Debbie Harter.--Cambridge, MA.--Barefoot Books.--2004
第 7 筆 Color zoo CD/Lois Ehlert.--1st board book ed .--[S.L.].--HarperFestival.--1997, c1989
第 8 筆 Sheep in a shoop CD/Nancy Shaw ;illustrated by Margot Apple.--Boston, MA.--National Braille Press:Houghton Mifflin.--1986
第 9 筆 Down in the jungle ;illustrated by Elisa Squillace .--SWINDON.--Child's Play.--2005
第 10 筆 Here we go round the mulberry bush/Sophie Fatus & Fred Penner.--Cambridge, MA.--Barefoot Books.--c2007
第 11 筆 Never too little to love/Jeanne Willis ;illustrated by Jan Fearnley.--London.--Walker Books.--2005
第 12 筆 The animal boogie/Debbie Harter .--Cambridge, Mass..--Barefoot Books.--2005
第 13 筆 Sheep in a jeep/Nancy Shaw ;illustrated by Margot Apple .--Boston, MA.--National Braille Press:Houghton Mifflin.--c1986
第 14 筆 Color zoo/Lois Ehlert .--1st board book ed .--[S.L.].--HarperFestival.--1997, c1989
第 15 筆 Ten fat sausages/illustrated by Eike Zinsmeister .--Swindon.--Child's Play.--2005
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